LifePlan Intensive

We provide a specialized life direction program for clients who are looking to create a plan to optimize their careers, private lives and personal relationships. Get a comprehensive description of the LifePlan process here online now: THE LIFEPLAN INTENSIVE

Our staff LifePlan guide offers a two-day intensive to help you discover your big life purpose and create a strategic plan to live out that purpose in all areas of your life. The LifePlan process addresses your health on multiple levels by:

  • enhancing personal satisfaction, self-care and well-being

  • connecting you deeper and more meaningfully in intimate relationships

  • advancing your career with focus and strategy for your unique pathway to professional success

  • building rhythms of spirituality and balance

  • growing opportunities for you to relate intentionally to the broader community

A LifePlan also includes an online digital playbook you can update for life.

* To learn more, schedule a free consultation with our care coordinator who can share more of what a LifePlan entails.