We offer a wide range of therapeutic services to help you reach your goals for health. Our clients have the option of choosing from the following care options in our practice:

  • individual therapy

  • couples therapy

  • medication management

  • life coaching

Many of our clients utilize all of our services through the years as they strive to optimize health in both their professional and personal lives. Read more below about our various treatment options or contact a care coordinator today to identify which style of treatment is best for you. 

We provide individual therapy or one-on-one counseling for clients seeking to examine their thoughts, emotions and behaviors to better optimize their life. The style of treatment is dependent on your particular condition and the therapeutic methods you choose with your psychotherapist.

In our practice, we always collaborate with our clients to determine the best course of care and seek to create a warm and non-judgmental environment where you can safely explore the issues that matter most to you. Our therapists are present to provide expert guidance, support, and when appropriate, insight to help you overcome the challenges that are impairing you from living the life you are meant to live. 

Each individual therapy session in our practice is 45-minutes in length either in office or by video conference. Intake sessions may be longer according to need. Please contact our office to schedule your first therapy session. 

We offer couples therapy and premarital counseling (see below) for clients hoping to improve relationship dynamics with a partner. Often couples enter therapy when they experience a crisis, get stuck in a cycle of negative interaction or have difficulty communicating. Sometimes couples are struggle with sexual dysfunction or challenges that inhibit their enjoyment of the relationship. Alternatively, other couples seek therapy to prepare for anticipated relationship troubles or simply to grow and enhance an already fulfilling relationship. 

Whatever your relationship goals, we have several therapists trained in family systems theory who specialize in working with couples. We use the top-rated couples therapy techniques such as Emotions Focused Therapy (EFT) and the Gottman Method. 



Healthy Minds NYC provides premarital counseling for clients specifically hoping to prepare for marriage. Read about our special premarital counseling program for New Yorkers or ask our care coordinator about premarital counseling sessions and how you can take the Prepare Enrich online relationship assessment to identify your relationship's unique strength and growth areas before tying the knot. 

Finding a psychiatrist in New York City at a reasonable cost who can help manage your medication for a new or existing mental health challenge can be difficult. Whether you are battling anxiety, depression, ADHD/ADD, OCD or any other psychological issue requiring medication assistance, we are here for you. Our team of award-winning psychiatrists have been trained at Mount Sinai Hospital right here on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. We never over-medicate as we believe the best treatment involves addressing both the biological and psychological circumstances you are facing. 

Initial consultations for medication management are 60 minutes for a psychiatric evaluation. Follow-up sessions are monthly and last 30 minutes. Following the initial consultation, you may see your psychiatrist from the comfort of your home or office through video sessions for medication management if deemed clinically appropriate. We use HIPAA-compliant software to protect your confidentiality for all video sessions. 

LifePlan Program

We provide a specialized life coaching program for clients who are looking to create a plan to optimize their careers, private lives and personal relationships. Our staff LifePlan guide, trained by the esteemed Paterson Center, offers a two-day intensive to help you discover your big life purpose and create a strategic plan to live out that purpose in all areas of your life. The LifePlan process addresses your health on multiple levels by:

  • enhancing personal satisfaction, self-care and well-being

  • connecting you deeper and more meaningfully in intimate relationships

  • advancing your career with focus and strategy for your unique pathway to professional success

  • building rhythms of spirituality and balance

  • growing opportunities for you to relate intentionally to the broader community

A LifePlan also includes an online digital playbook you can update for life and 6-months of complimentary follow-up email coaching.

* To learn more, schedule a free consultation with our care coordinator who can share more of what a LifePlan entails.

Life Coaching Video Program

We also offer access to a special online video program for clients interested in a LifePlan who prefer to work independently. Ask our care coordinator to share more with you about the LifePlan process.