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Career Coaching

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Are you struggling with career decisions? Do you want to make a career move but don’t know where to start? Our diverse team at Healthy Minds NYC in Midtown East, Manhattan, can help with their career coaching service. With career coaching, our practice teams you up with a coach who matches your professional and personal needs. To schedule a consultation at our office in New York City, book an appointment through the online scheduling tool.

Career Coaching Q & A

What is career coaching?

Career coaching is one of the life coaching services available at Healthy Minds NYC. It’s a goal-focused service with sessions that center around helping you reach your career objectives and desires. 

Healthy Minds NYC is a premier therapy and coaching practice for clients living in and around the city. Mirroring the diverse population of New York City, our team includes therapists that have a wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and credentials.

When you participate in career coaching, our team matches you with a coach who understands your professional and personal needs so you get the right treatment and support. 

Who benefits from career coaching?

Any professional adult seeking to improve or change their work life can benefit from career coaching at Healthy Minds NYC. There are many reasons people seek help from a career coach. 

You may benefit from coaching if you want to make a career change and don’t know where to start. Coaching also benefits professionals struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance or assert themselves for professional advancement.

Career coaching also helps professionals who know where they want to take their career but need help developing and executing their plan. 

What can I expect during career coaching?

Career coaching is a goal-driven service. The specifics of your career coaching at Healthy Minds NYC depend on your professional and personal needs, and you can expect tailored and attentive care.

Coaching focuses on your present experiences and your future goals and desires. The frequency of your sessions depends on your individual goals and can be more sporadic than traditional therapy services. 

With career coaching, Healthy Minds NYC offers individual sessions, as well as bundled packages. Your career coaching sessions may be done in the office, by phone, or through video conferencing. This type of flexibility allows you to easily integrate your coaching sessions into your workday or routine.

How do I get started with career coaching?

Before our team at Healthy Minds NYC recommends any service, you meet with the care coordinator for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation. 

During your call, the care coordinator asks questions to better understand your needs and goals and explores your treatment options, including career coaching. 

The care coordinator then matches you with a coach that best meets your professional and personal needs. This extra step in care ensures you get the specific guidance you need to reach your goals.

To get started with your career coaching today, contact Healthy Minds NYC by booking a consultation online today.