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How to Start Online Therapy Now: Manage Your Anxiety through Video Sessions

Are you looking for support to manage your anxiety around the coronavirus? Perhaps you have other mental health struggles and current events have made access to therapy in New York more challenging for you.

We are here to help. Online therapy or teletherapy is terrific option to prioritize your mental health while protecting your physical wellbeing. In online therapy you can address your anxiety with a trusted therapist and also process the regular concerns of life from everything like financial stress, work issues, and relationship conflicts.

Not sure how to begin? Here are our quick tips to get scheduled for online therapy today.

In order to help you identify the best provider for your specific needs, below we have outlined some of the key differences between a psychiatrist and therapist. Remember, our care coordinators are also available to provide a free consultation to help you decide who to work with for your care if needed.



1. Locate a practice like Healthy Minds NYC that is located in the New York area. Instead of working with a purely virtual therapy platform, it’s more helpful to find a local practice that can eventually see you in-person when it’s safe to have sessions in an office. This level of versatility will allow you to establish care now while you’re home but transition whenever you prefer as life evolves.

2. Explore how much online therapy will cost. At Healthy Minds NYC, we have a special quick-start virtual package available for clients who want to start online therapy now. Schedule a free consultation with our care coordinator to learn what your out-of-pocket cost may be. We also work with your insurance and submit claims on your behalf if your benefits allow. This may help reduce your overall upfront costs to make therapy affordable today.


3. Ask what platform your therapist will use. Your privacy is paramount. Be sure that the online therapy platform your therapist uses is secure. At Healthy Minds NYC we only use video platforms that are free for clients to access on their desktop or mobile device and that are HIPAA-compliant.

4. Find out what your options are to try different therapists. It can take time to connect with a therapist, in person or online. But in the midst of our current crisis you might want to ensure that you get the care you need in the most efficient way possible. Our care coordinators are here to help you identify your specific needs and specially match you with the therapist who meets the criteria you desire within your budget and availability. We want to take the guesswork out of the process to help reduce your stress as you book your first session.


If you’re looking to begin any services with Healthy Minds NYC, the easiest way to start is by scheduling a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with our care coordinator. During this call we’ll help determine the best course of care with you, explore your payment options and schedule your first appointment. We can also share details about our quick start online therapy program to help you get care at a reduced cost. Our goal is to speed you along your journey toward health with the best process that meets your unique needs.

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