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Is Your Relationship Feeling Strained?


Has the past year caused you and your partner to begin falling out of love?

If so, you're not alone. Many New York couples are reporting increased waves of conflict and disconnection in their relationships as we head into fall. The passion and euphoria that accompanied the early phase of love has started to wane, and in its place has come poor communication, distance, and the desire to find someone new.

These kinds of relational shifts come as no surprise. At Healthy Minds NYC we routinely help couples improve their relationship by learning new communication patterns, enhancing intimacy and connection, and addressing unresolved hurts that drive a wedge between individuals. Relationships--even those that are healthy--can take this kind of effort to sustain.

When we consider the added stressors we have all been living under since the start of 2020, we're seeing couples take extra care to stay together. In New York, we have navigated a global pandemic, managed social isolation, undergone changes to our employment, and more in less than two years. Some couples are grieving the loss of loved ones, evolution of friend circles as people move away from the city, and new financial realities. All of these factors can weigh on how a couple experiences their relationship.

If you suspect that you're falling out of love with your partner, now is a great time to give your relationship a little TLC. Recently, caught up with our Healthy Minds NYC Co-Founder, Chanel Dokun, to discuss "8 Signs You're Falling Out of Love With Your Partner and What to Do About It." If you've been wondering what "feels off" in your relationship and how to restore your connection, this article is for you.

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